Product overview


  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Compact design takes up little indoor space
  • RAL 7024/7035 metal housing
  • Two independent refrigerant circuits
  • New generation of high-efficiency scroll compressors
  • Brazed-plate heat exchangers with two refrigeration circuits
  • Electrical cabinet complete with remote-control transformer, safety switch, wire numbers and identifications of the locations of main electrical components
  • Controlled by CIAT's multilingual CONNECT 2 PLC with many anticipatory functions and master/slave control of two machines
  • Communication with BMS via an RS-485 interface (Modbus/Jbus and Ethernet as standard - LON as option)


LG: water-cooled water chiller
LGP: water-to-water heat pump
11 models (700V to 2400V)
Three acoustic versions available: Standard - Low Noise - Xtra Low Noise

Operating range:

Cooling capacity: 220 to 720 kW
Heating capacity: 250 to 820 kW


The new generation of DYNACIATPOWERTM water-cooled water chillers and water-to-water heat pumps provides an optimal solution to all cooling and heating applications in private and public offices, healthcare facilities, commercial premises and apartment buildings.

They are designed to be installed in equipment rooms that are protected against freezing temperatures and inclement weather.

This new range is optimised to run with the ozone-friendly HFC refrigerant R-410A and thereby meet the most demanding environmental protection and high seasonal energy efficiency (ESEER) requirements

Features & benefits

Reduced energy consumption:

  • Powerful and highly energy efficient
  • All models "Eurovent class B"
  • Very high energy efficiency: ESEER greater
  • than 6

Quiet operation:

  • Low noise levels
  • Three acoustic performance levels (Standard, Low Noise and Xtra Low Noise) to meet all noise performance requirements


  • A solution for every cooling and heating application
  • DYNACIATPOWERTMmeets all the needs of commercial and industrial environments
  • Chilled water temperature range expanded to as high as +18°C and as low as -12°C with water-glycol
  • The LGP heat pump produces hot water outlet temperatures as high as +55°C

Reduced footprint:

  • Compact size (units with outputs of up to 200 kW/m2
  • DYNACIATPOWERTM's footprint and volume have been optimised for easy installation in all equipment rooms.

Quick and easy maintenance:

  • Excellent accessibility
  • Large removable panels enable quick access to components for maintenance operations

Fast installation:

  • Easy connections
  • DYNACIATPOWERTM distinguishes itself through its ease of installation
  • The space needed is limited to the unit's footprint
  • Control transformer (included) enables easy 400 V three-phase wiring without neutral
  • Brazed double-wall plate heat exchangers with double circuits

A complete range:

  • Two standard configurations
  • Cooling-only version (LG) or heat pump (LGP) = the same unit


  • a single standard, a simple range, all-purpose units