Product Overview


 Ecodesign compliant Lot 21 Tier 2 (2021)

  • Hermetic scroll-type compressors in tandem design
  • Plug-fans (free-wheel) with EC motors
  • Electronic Expansion Valves
  • Lightweight box for convenient installation
  • Folding hood cover for transport
  • Double wall insulated panels
  • Dual locking system of a high quality
  • Multiple recovery options on the extracted air energy
  • Removable condensates drain pan
  • Different heating backup options: electrical heaters, hot water coil, gas burner, boiler...
  • On-site easily convertible airflow (supply and return)
  • Electronic axial fans for low noise level
  • Adaptation roofcurbs for replacing units on site


The VectiosTM range are compact, horizontal and autonomous air to air units, rooftop-type design. They are equipped with all the components required for the correct air conditioning to the installation.

  • RPJ series: Units for cooling operation.
  • IPJ series: Units for reversible heat pump operation.

Range of use

Cooling capacity from 22 to 91 kW

Heating capacity from 22 to 90 kW

Air flow from 5 100 to 16 000 m3/h


The unit is connected directly to an air distribution ductwork. This design reduces the cost of installation, facilities connections and ensures reliable operation.

The range of capacities of these units allows for the air conditioning of medium and large surface areas used for business or industry.

A vast number of options meet many operating requirements, such as:

  • Recovery of the extracted air energy.
  • Free-cooling.
  • Air renewal.
  • Indoor air quality control.
  • Air filtration.
  • Auxiliary devices for heating.
  • Extension of operating limits for adaptation to extreme temperatures.

These units are equipped with electronic axial fans in the outdoor circuit, electronic plug-fans in the indoor circuit, air coils, hermetic scroll compressors and electronic control with microprocessor, optimized components for the refrigerant R-410A.

 All of the units are tested and checked in the factory.

 Features & benefits

High energy efficiency and environmental responsibility

  • Exceeds requirements on seasonal efficiency from Ecodesign regulation EU 2016/2281
  • Active Recovery and Passive Recovery options on the exhaust air energy
  • R-410A non-depleting refrigerant
  • Elimination of wooden pallets for handling

Packaged system flexibility

  • Single-packaged system
  • Reduces costs of transportation, installation and maintenance
  • Reduces size and weight for stacked in truck or container transportation and conveninent helicopter or crane lift
  • Assemblies conceived for new projects as well as for renovation works
  • Standard and adaptation roof-curbs are available for a number of existing models from different manufacturers
  • All the components to manage the airstream (supply, return or fresh air) are integrated in the unit 
  • The unit ships fully programmed and set-up from the factory
  • Wide set of configurations and options for optimal adaptation to the installation requirements

Full reliability

  • Robust design and manufacturing process
  • High quality components
  • Performance certified by Eurovent

Extensive scope

  • More applications with new options beyond comfort for fresh air, food retail, domestic hot water, dehumidification…
  • Wider outside air temperature range, from -15ºC up to 52ºC (cooling-only unit)
  • Outdoors ambient conditions: corrosion protection, humidity
  • Indoor Air Quality, IAQ: with a number of filtration options with fouling detection and CO2 sensors

Advanced control vectic

  • Single control for the whole range
  • Dedicated to enhanced operation at part load conditions for increasing the seasonal efficiencies
  • Manages staged multi-scroll compressors and EC plug-fans
  • Improved all-seasons operation and defrosting strategies
  • Manages new options for the range
  • Multiple protocols available for BMS integration
  • Many options for remote management platforms