CONDENCIAT CL2 (7 to 25kW)

Product Overview


Air-cooled condensing unit for cooling of small businesses or industrial processes. May be connected from a distance to a direct-expansion heat exchanger (air-handling unit coil or air conditioner, or multi-tube or brazed-plate water-cooling evaporator).


7 models available

Range of use:

Cooling capacity: 7 to 19 kW

New range CL2 with propeller fans (EC motor)

Five models available


Packed reversible air/water heat pump with technology Inverter for heating and cooling individual homes or small service sector premises. EREBA can be installed in individual new build housing connected to low temperature emitters (underfloor heating and cooling systems, fan coil type terminal units) or as boiler backup in existing homes.

Features & benefits

  • Excellent energy efficiency: high-efficiency refrigerant and high-performance compressor
  • Complements any interior: neutral colour and low sound level
  • Delivered ready-to-run
  • Easy maintenance: easily-detachable panels provide access to all internal components
  • Environmentally friendly: non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, recyclable plastic, captures heat contained in the outdoor air
  • A solution that offers excellent comfort and energy savings, and is environmentally friendly
  • Complete packaged unit housed in a corrosion-resistant recyclable plastic casing
  • Scroll compressor with low sound level
  • 1 to 2 propeller fans with speed variator (EC motor)
  • All-season operation (-15 to +45°C) with condensation pressure controlled by electronic board and pressure sensor. Variable rotation speed of fans
  • HP and LP safety pressure switch
  • Shut off and control valves
  • R-410A refrigerant