CONDENCIAT CD (25 to 165kW)

Product overview


Cooling capacity: 25 to 165 kW


Medium-capacity air-cooled condensing unit cools spaces in residential buildings and commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities. May be connected from a distance to a direct-expansion heat exchanger (air-handling unit coil or a multi-tube or brazed-plate water-cooling evaporator). Designed as standard for outdoor installation without any special weather protection.

Features & benefits

  • R-410A refrigerant,
  • Compact, space-efficient unit,
  • Fully encased in a housing constructed of coated metal panels that can be detached for outdoor installation,
  • One or two independent refrigerant circuits,

One to four new-generation, high-efficiency scroll compressors,

  • One to two propeller fans,
  • Electromechanical relays for simplified, fail-safe control.