There are various levels of support available, to suit your budget and commensurate with the sensitivity and requirements of the building, estate or industrial process.

Fully trained CIAT professionals provide an expert support service for critical sites, giving you 24/7 monitoring and back-up cover over the year, with total peace of mind.

Critical sites covered include:

  • Hospital and healthcare sites;
  • Data centres;
  • Financial and trading organisations;
  • Manufacturing facilities and industrial process facilities;
  • Educational establishments;
  • Defense facilities;
  • Power generation plants.

Our professionals provide 24/7 back-up, with plant monitored round-the-clock by our trained specialists. They use the powerful capabilities of BluEdge Digital remote monitoring system to identify and evaluate any unusual conditions or alarms that occur.

Often they can make a remote diagnosis there and then, and brief you and your contractor or FM company on the problem, ensuring a rapid and effective response. 

For more details, contact:

Tel: 088 - 567 67 00
Email: [email protected]